Welcome & why our blog is different

My name is Jodie Muller and I work at North Star Community Services, which is an agency based in Waterloo, Iowa that provides services for adults with a wide range of disabilities.  Although I will be the one posting to this blog, I will not be the one who will be writing most of it.  This blog will be different, because it will be written (or dictated) by the men and women with disabilities who participate in programs at North Star.  Each entry will be about anything the person wants to share with others.

Since disability is really just another part of the human experience, it is our hope that through these postings you will be able to step outside of your own world, and perhaps learn a little bit about someone else’s life.  What you discover may surprise you!

I would like to share a quote taken from a song by rap artist, DMX, “Look through my eyes, see what I do, be what I be, walk in my shoes.”  That is what we hope that this project will accomplish – allowing other people to see things from a new point of view and demonstrating that no matter what our abilities, we are really more alike than we are different.

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