I like movies!

IMG_3332My name is Taylor P.  I went to River Hills School and live in Waterloo with Mom & Dad.  I have three brothers, Trevor, Jordan, and Dakota and one sister. She’s a cheerleader at West High School.  One of my brothers works at Hy-Vee and has his own apartment.

I was in Employment Services, but started in Day Habilitation on Monday.  Yesterday we got to go on an outing to Hansen’s Dairy.  The calves were licking my fingers.  They had twin calves named Star and Wars.  I like all the Star Wars movies; “Return of the Jedi” is my favorite.

I get to watch the dogs and my sister’s dog grabs shoes and then gets in trouble.  I take the dogs outside to go.  This morning it was raining and we have to clean their paws off.

I LOVE to go to the zoo!  My favorite is the Omaha Zoo and I like the gorillas!  One time one of the gorillas at the zoo broke the glass on their window.

We went to Orlando in 2009 and 2013.  I went to Disney World – you should visit it!  And Magic Kingdom has the “Small World.”  We found a vacation home in Florida with a huge tub!  And Florida has palm trees and we ate at Chili’s.

And I went to San Antonio, Texas to see my uncle.  There was the River Walk and Sea World.  I saw the Marine Mammals Show and there was a walrus with big tusks!

Also we went to Walker, Minnesota.  There was a candy store and we got pizza at Benson’s (Emporium) and went to Reed’s.

I like movies.  I like the five Ice Ages movies.  I want to see “Storks” this fall and “Trolls” in November.

I want to come to North Star for 29 years!

LukeI am Luke G.   I am 36 and live in Waterloo.  I have one brother, Ben.  He used to live in Minnesota, but now he moved to Iowa.  He lives in Davenport.  A very long time ago, when I was three, I went to Castle Hill School and then I went to West Intermediate, but then I went to River Hills School and graduated from there.

Tomorrow we are having Christmas at my house.  My two-year old nephew is coming.  I can’t believe he is two already!  My mom used to have a big tree, but now we only have a little one.  I am hoping that I get Nintendo 3-DS and DS games for Christmas.

I used to work at Olive Garden, but then I got very sick and had to retire.  I worked there for 13 – years.  That is a long time.  I liked it there.  Did you know that you get free pop when you work there?

On weekends I mostly stay home.  I like to play video games.  I like Wheel of Fortune on T.V.  We don’t have cable anymore – it costs too much and goes up and up every year.  My favorite movies are Home Alone 1, 2 and 3.  They’re funny.

My favorite food is pepperoni pizza.  But, if we go out to eat, I like to go to Long John Silver’s.  I get two fish, hush puppies, French fries and diet Pepsi.  I don’t get to go there too much – Mom says it’s too greasy.

I have been coming to North Star for over a year now.  I like it.  I play cards, go on outings and get to do music.  I am going to come to North Star for 29 more years – then I will be old enough to retire.

Pizza parties are the best!

I am John J.  I will be 45 on my birthday October 14th.  This year for my birthday I want a Waterloo East High coat.  I live in Waterloo, Iowa.  I live with my sister, Tracy.  I have one other sister and one other brother and some nieces and nephews.  We have one brown cat, one gray cat, and one dog named Mia – she is brown, with white on her chest and she is old.  I went to school at River Hills.  I would like a girlfriend.

I have been coming to North Star a long time (over 20 years).  I like it.  The pizza parties are the best and I like when we get to go to movies.  I have been in North Star’s plays and want to do it again.

I like Waterloo Buck’s baseball, Waterloo Black Hawk’s hockey and I like football.  Especially UNI football.  My dream would be to run a pass back for a touchdown someday.

John Johnson (2)I am a huge wrestling fan and like to watch WWE Raw on Monday nights.  I like Rocco and John Cena.  John Cena won the WWE champion title.

I like to go to Spicoli’s. I think Carolyn will go with me on Monday.  I like to sing at Karaoke.  I always sing “Dog Pound!” (“Who Let the Dogs Out?!”)

My sister gives me money and I buy my own groceries.  One of my goals is to cook and one is to exercise.  I don’t always like to do them, but I do.  I like hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, and hamburgers.  Pizza and cheeseburgers are my favorites!  I like Pepsi, too.  Sometimes Mt. Dew or 7-Up, but Pepsi is my favorite.

I like to watch “Full House” on TV. and I like D.J. (Tanner). I listen to my music CD of “Boston.”  I got to go to Haley & Jeff’s wedding reception and I got to dance with Haley.