Camp Courageous is the best!

jordan at campThis summer during the last week of July, I went to Camp Courageous.  Camp Courageous is in Monticello, Iowa and is for people with disabilities.  I left to go to Camp on my 24th birthday, which is on July 26th and I came back on July 30th.  I was in Group One with four other girls and five counselors.  I got to go swimming, camp out in a tent overnight, do arts & crafts, Super Zip, Burma Bridge, and much more fun things.  Going to Camp Courageous in the summer for a week is the highlight of it.  My week at camp during the summer is the best week of my entire life!!!  I look forward to going to Camp Courageous every summer.  By Jordan N.

I am SICK of winter!

It has been a long winter and I’m sick of the cold weather and this white stuff called snow. I am so ready for SPRING to get here and stay for a while, so it can warm up. I like spring because I can start doing stuff outside like going for walks, sitting on my deck at home, and so much more. Also, I like when the sound of the rain when it hits my bedroom window, it relaxes me. I do not like when it thunderstorms outside, because they scare me.

written by Jordan N.

Buddy’s service is tonight

Hey everyone-

I (Jordan N.) was super excited to see the article that Holly Hudson had wrote about our blog entries, and it was really cool to see that she put part of my blog in the article. If you didn’t see it, here’s the link:

Click here to read Holly Hudson’s article from the Waterloo Courier

‘Due to bad weather last Thursday I couldn’t have the service for my dog Buddy, so it is rescheduled TODAY, from 4:30-5:30PM at Cedar Valley Community Church in Waterloo!! The memorial service for Buddy will include music, praying, snacks, sharing your favorite memories, and much more. Anyone who knew Buddy from Northstar or anyone who just feels like stopping by is invited. I hope you can make it to my special event!

BY:  Jordan N.

Memorial for my Service Dog Buddy

I am  working on a scrapbook in remembrance of my Service Dog Buddy, to help me heal. Also, I am having a little memorial for Buddy this month. It is on February 20th from 4:30-5:30PM at Cedar Valley Community Church in Waterloo. The memorial service for Buddy will include music, praying, snacks, sharing your favorite memories.  Anyone who knew Buddy from North Star Community Services and anyone who wants to stop by or even just and say “hi!” are invited. I hope you can make it to my special event!

Written by Jordan N.

If I could go anywhere in the world:

If I were to go anywhere in the world, I would go visit all my friends that I’ve met in the past years from Camp Barnabas. All of my friends from Camp Barnabas live in different states, so I would take an airplane to go visit each and every one of them. I would spend a whole week with each of them. Each week that I would spend with them, I would have so much fun with them by doing things like going shopping, swimming, getting nails done, and so much more. I would have such a blast with each one of them that I would be sad to, but happy to go on another adventure with one of my other friends the next week. It would be amazing to see all my friends, and all the beautiful states that they live in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       * * * Written by Jordan N.* * *                                                                               


Hi, I’m Jordan and I am glad to meet you.

This entry was written on Wednesday November 13th, 2013 by Jordan Newman.

jordanMy name is Jordan Newman and I’m in a wheelchair. I was born on July 26th. I was born with Cerebral Palsy as my main diagnosis. I grew up in Washburn, IA and I am currently still living there, with my grandparents John and Diana and my two cousin’s Caydin and BJ.
I went to Black Hawk Elementary, Hoover Middle School, and Waterloo West High School (GO WAHAWKS!) I graduated in the class of 2010. Not long after I graduated from West High, I took a tour of North Star Community Services in Waterloo, and I liked it! So, I’ve been going to North Star since. I have a Service Dog named Buddy, who picks up objects for me, opens handicapped doors for me, and much more. I have had some really fun opportunities because of North Star, I even went to a concerts with staff Kathy Taylor. Besides staying busy in the Advantage area during the day, I have SCL staff from North Star once a week and we go to different places like mall or meeting with some of my friends. So there’s just a little background of me! Thanks for reading!