I like the freedom of art!

image by Dan Phillips Photography - Cedar Falls, Iowa

image by Dan Phillips Photography – Cedar Falls, Iowa

My name is Rosa and my name means pink in Spanish.  I like it when people spell my name with a Z (Roza).  My birthday is in March and I am from Olean, New York and I grew up in Pennsylvania.  For a while I lived with my grandma in Florida – I loved the beach, but I didn’t like many of the people there.  So far Waterloo is my favorite place to live and I plan to retire here when I am older.

I live in an apartment in Waterloo with my three roommates – I am pretty good friends with two of them.  We cook supper together and sometimes we cook-out for special occasions.  I am the only roommate that gets to come to wonderful North Star.

I like to watch T.V. – I like “Two Broke Girls” and “The Andy Griffith Show.”  We play a lot of cards and we play games like UNO, Skip-Bo and Phase 10.   My favorite color is magenta.  I like dogs and horses and I liked the movie, “Secret Life of Pets.”

I really like art!  I like to make word collages.  I like the freedom of art and I can let my mind explode on paper.  Whatever I am thinking or feeling can go on paper. I got to be in North Star’s art show and this is what I made for it.

Rosa's Word Cloud

Rosa’s Word Cloud

I love cars!

IMG_7169I am Courtney.  I was an elephant in North Star’s play, “The Jungle Book.”  I enjoyed that and would do it again next time.  In this picture I am in my costume and make-up.

I was born in Osage, Iowa and I grew up a lot of places like McIntire (kind of by Riceville) and Mona, Iowa and also in Lyle, Minnesota – right on the border of Iowa and Minnesota.  When I was growing up we had a lot of dogs and cats.  My favorite was a Rottweiler that was named Gigolo; he was a big boy and could get a bowling ball in his mouth!  I have four brothers, one is older and three are younger.  My mom lives in Austin, Minnesota.

Now I live in Waterloo in a duplex.  I have a roommate named Rose and also a man that lives in the other part of the duplex.  I have a cat name, Finch and I used to have a betta fish named Larry.  But one day my cat knocked over his bowl.  She just watched him flop around on the floor and when I got home he was just lying on the floor.

I have a job.  I really like it, probably because I really love cars!  I work at Dan Deery Toyota in the detail shop.  Usually I do the vacuuming.  Yesterday I got to detail a 2012 Charger!  And, once I got to detail a 2003 Mustang – that one was pretty souped-up!

At home I like to play video games, like Grand Theft Auto.  I also have 17 racing games and a casino game.  The casino game is really hard.  I watch T.V. – cartoons mostly.  I like the Simpsons.  I have a blu-ray player and I like the Fast & Furious movies.  I have the whole series and #7 comes out this week.  I heard maybe they were going to make a Fast & Furious 8.

We usually do the cleaning on Friday and take turns with the chores.  I do my own grocery shopping – I like to buy ice cream and could probably eat a whole gallon in a week!  My favorite is salted caramel gelato.  I also cook for myself – staff helps Rose cook, because she is like 50!

On Friday, when my boyfriend Lonnie comes over I will make him pizza or spaghetti. We want to get married, maybe in about two years.  Then our dream is to buy a 70” plasma television and build a log cabin in the middle of nowhere.  I am going to have to start saving money!

Some of my other favorites are the Texas Longhorns and the color blue.  I like to listen to all kinds of music.  I build model cars – I like the Chevy Nova.  I can play guitar – I would like lessons, but they are expensive.  I am good at art.  I did take some art lessons and learned how to make pottery.



My name is Kylie.

I am Kylie and my birthday is May 20th.  I live in Reinbeck with my mom.  My dad passed away a couple of years ago.  I have a brother named Jim.  He is 29.  He just got married to Maggie a couple weeks ago in Madison, WI.  So I have a sister-in-law.  Their honeymoon was in California.  I got to stay in a hotel and went to a place called “Rockabetty’s Salon” and got my nails done.  I still have the polish on, it is red (my favorite color).

I have been coming to North Star since I graduated in 2005.  I went to Cedar Falls High School.  I also went to North Cedar Elementary, Valley Park (when it was still a school), and Peet Jr. High.  I participate in Special Olympics in bowling.  It’s pretty fun.  My boyfriend’s name is Tim.

I have a special bond with my mom.  On Saturday’s we go to Hy-Vee and get groceries and then we go to Diamond Dave’s in Waterloo – I usually get chicken strips and French fries or two hot dogs and cheeseballs.  On Sunday’s we go to church in Reinbeck.  My mom took me to see “How to Train Your Dragon 2” at Marcus Theatres.  It was really good.  I really like to go to cartoon movies the best.  I also like to watch cartoons on t.v. – especially Sponge Bob Squarepants.

I like to go to all kinds of places; like the animal shelter, the dog park, the library, and I exercise at the Y.  I like to read a lot!  I like graphic novels and literature, too.

On April 4th North Star had an art show.  The art show was pretty nice – there were cookies and cupcakes.  I won one of the Judge’s Choice awards!  I was pretty happy and surprised, and my mom was pretty proud of me!  I named my art, “Kylie’s Life.”  It was about me and I used markers to make it.  I have my own special set of Sharpies that I bought at Wal-Mart with my mom.  I like Sharpies the best and in all kinds of colors, I especially like red, green, yellow, purple, orange.  The picture is me and my art.IMG_6286

See through our artist’s eyes…


All of the artists here at North Star would like to invite you to attend our art show on Wednesday, June 4th.  There will be about 200 masterpieces on display.  Come see through our artist’s eyes!

Bringing the arts to those with disabilities and disability awareness to the public; don’t miss North Star’s art show, “Straight from the ART,” featuring the art of 85 men and women who attend day programs here in Waterloo, Iowa.  Join our guest judges, Danielle Wagner, Mayor Buck Clark, C.F. Councilman Frank Darrah, Greg Holt, Bill Close, and Kelly Turner and vote for your favorite art.  The event will also feature the opportunity for the public to participate in our collaborative art project, “Word Wall.”  Get in the groove with “Hands of Time” jazz quartet and enjoy some great coffee by Sidecar Coffee, and desserts by Hy-Vee, Scratch Cupcakery, and Martin Brother’s Food Market.  The event is JUNE 4th starting at 7:00 p.m. at 3420 University Avenue (use east entrance).

The event will include a great auction/silent auction featuring a brand new Gibson Les Paul Signature “T” guitar, a Wyland lithograph, fantastic works of art by P. Buckley Moss, Joshua Spies, Alice Dolgener, Brenda Barter, Mary Ann Gloe, and many, many others, a Pheasants Forever print, a catered dinner for eight by Moment in Thyme, an appearance by UNI’s TK mascot, an autographed Green Bay Packers football, show tickets, hotel stays, family fun, and much, much more!

Visit www.northstarcs.org for more information.