Happy Thanksgiving!

At North Star we are thankful for many, many things.  But most especially we are thankful for our families, friends, volunteers, donors, and the staff that help us.  Here a few responses from both staff and participants from North Star in Waverly, Iowa to our annual question, “What are you are most grateful for?”

Alice – Everything

Darren – Family, friends and coming to North Star

Heather – gummy bears, animal gum and fruit stripe gum

Debbie – Health and grandbabies

Nick – Being able to get dinner

Loreli – Family and Coffee

Hope – Family

Sonja – my dog Chance and family

Dakota – turkey, and green bean casserole

Cody – transportation

Holly – Family

Jim – sleep

Travis – Family and work

Janet – Judy

Russell – cookies

Courtney – turkey, potatoes and my Mom and Dad

McKenna – Mom and Dad and Home

Dean – Family, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews

Brent – Mom, Dad and sister

Haleigh – Friends and family

Lacie – Family and Ernie

Colette – Family, good health, friends, and my job

Kim – Good health

Christi – Grandchildren, job, home, friends, painting, hobbies

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