North Star is special to me.

david searcyNorth Star has been very special for me through out the years I’ve been here.  They taught me how to be a better person by being helpful to people.  I can relate to the staff and being supportive.  Some of the jobs that I worked on are: Hangers, Phantom, O-ring, candyman, cardboard, phones, material handler, dishes, serve lunch, McKenna, news-letter, yellow caps, engineer products, I also worked at Hawkeye cleaning the yard, and working at Phantom, janitorial, skills, and safety jobs, milk run job.  The staff here have been very supportive and helping me get a job out in the community.  My behavior have been better since I came to North Star.                                                                                Written By:  David S.

(*note:  David is part of North Star’s Employment Services program, in which people with disabilities learn the job skills necessary to obtain competitive employment in the community.  Employees work Monday through Friday doing a variety of jobs contracted from local businesses, earning a paycheck.)

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