I was an elephant in “The Jungle Book”

I am Crissy and I am 24.  I went to West High School where North Star did a Variety Show.  I am an only child.

image by Dan Phillips Photography - Cedar Falls, Iowa

Me in my elephant costume

My mom lives in downtown Waterloo.  My uncle just moved to Fayette, so now we don’t see him much.  Not very long ago, my cousin had a baby boy only six days after her birthday (her birthday is the 25th and he was born on the 31st).  She was going to bring him to the play, but then she decided she didn’t want to deal with it.

I live in a house in Waterloo, not very far from Wal-Mart.  We just got all new staff, but that’s okay because one of them used to work with me at West High.  I live with Sandra, Jackie and Juli.  Sometimes we all go to the mall.  I pretty much end up doing all the chores and I help with Jackie and Juli.  When I get to go shopping for food and stuff, my staff stays by the doors and I get to go around by myself.  One thing I like is Special K bars.  I used to buy ice cream, but now I don’t – my roommates kept begging me for it and I am just not doing that anymore.

I watch anything on T.V.  We used to go to karaoke, but we don’t get to do that anymore.  Sometimes when me and my roommates get enough money we all go to Doughy Joey’s.  It used to be in Waterloo, but now we have to go clear to Cedar Falls.  We just get one big pizza, half-and-half.  I just drink water.

I get to ride the city bus around the community all by myself.  I ride it and learn how to get places.  I actually learned to take the bus to Mike’s house – it’s a pretty long way.  Mike is my boyfriend.

I like to come to North Star.  I like Day Hab the best.  I like to make pictures on plastic canvas.  I am making a heart that says, “angel” in the middle.  I am going to give it to Juli because she likes angels.

I was just in the play “The Jungle Book,” I got to be an elephant.  My back hurt, but I did it.  I didn’t think I could, but I did!  Sometimes my back hurts.  It doesn’t right now, but it might later…

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