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In honor of Father’s Day, some of the men and women who attend the day program at North Star’s HIP recently sat down to share some stories about their fathers.

Larry:  “Dad worked for the Rock Island Railroad.  He was a hard worker and always stayed by mom’s side.  I miss him.”

Sarah:  “Almost every weekend we went camping and fishing with friends and their kids.  Dad did the cooking on the Weber grill.”

Bob (aka “Bebo”):  “Dad put on a glove and played catch with me and my siblings.  I remember living in Detroit and fishing on the Detroit River and Lake Erie.”

Dana:  “I remember my grandfather, the closest father figure in my life.  He would take me on vacation to Pierre, South Dakota and camping at Lake Rathbun.”

Nic:  “I used to hunt and fish with my step-dad.  We would hunt for pheasant, deer, coon, and quail and go fishing on the Wapsie.”

Eugene:  “My father was a hard worker that took care of his family.  Dad was high in the ranks of the Knights of Columbus.”

Smitty:  “Dad made wooden toys and crafts for people.  I golfed and fished with him.  I also remember once when I was a teenager, my dad asked me for a cigarette.”

David:  “My father was a “buck” Sergeant in the Marine Corps.  He made you toe the line.  He played pool at a bar in town, and we played dodge ball a lot.  My family lived at Grandpa & Grandma’s farm.”

Bruce:  “My dad was a farmer and he taught me the ropes of farming.  When I was a kid, I thought my dad was mean, but when I grew up I realized he wasn’t mean.  He was a good provider that had to take care of his 10 kids.”

Steve: “We lived on a farm by Frederika.  We went camping and fishing when I was a kid.  Dad was a toy salesman and would take me to work.  We got to keep the broken toys.  He also took me to work at the golf course and I dove into the ponds to search for golf balls.”

Becca:  “I remember my dad taking me to Applebee’s and shopping for cheerleading shoes.  Dad won a lot of money in the lottery and he lives in a big house and has a new car.  He took me fishing when I was a kid.”

Dianne:  “We went fishing and had picnics at the Mitchell sandpits here in town.”

Kevin:  “We went fishing in a boat on the Raccoon River in Des Moines.”

Ron:  “I went with Dad on his milk route.  He worked for the Waverly Creamery.  When Dad drove I would wake him up if he dozed off.  One Christmas my dad bought me a special bicycle – an English Racer.  I miss my dad a lot.”

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the dad’s out there!!

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