My family is all boys!

My name is Richard.  My birthday is September 5th.  I live in a yellow house in Evansdale with my dad and Gary and Marvin – my brothers.  My family got all boys!  There is my dad – he’s a boy, and there is Delmer in California and Gary, Marvin, Bob, Merlyn.  There is Galen, but he died.

My mom died in a car accident a long time ago.  It was really scary.  We were driving in Wisconsin and our van hit a semi-truck.  Gary got a broken arm, but we were okay, except my mom died.

We have SCL (supported community living) staff help us at home.  Gary cooks.  He cooks lasagna – that’s my favorite.  And I clean the house; I “Swiffer” my bedroom and I like to vacuum.  I clean the bathroom and clean the bathtub with Ajax.  I got a new bed, too  – you should see it!richard mcfee

On Monday, Lien is going to take me to Motel 6 to go swimming.  I like to swim.  I go shopping with Linda and with Jeff.  I like to go to Wal-Mart and I might buy my girlfriend a watch for Valentine’s Day or maybe a pretty dress.

I can’t wait for our Valentine’s party and I have a girlfriend named Jamei – I love that girl!  I want to take her on a date and maybe get pizza and hold hands.

I like to watch the movie “Annie” on T.V. and my favorite color is blue.  I took a shower today and I try to take one every day.

Me and my brothers like to ride bikes or walk around Evansdale.  Everyone knows us and a lot of people say Hi to us.  I can’t wait for spring and then I can wear my shorts!

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