Elvis is my favorite!

Gary as Elvis

Gary as Elvis

My name is Gary W.  I am a good guy, I get along and I’m patient.  I am 71 now, but in August, I am going to 72!  Well, I was born in a hospital.  It was in Oelwein.  I was born with my blue eyes.  I had more than one mom.  One mom didn’t want to keep me.

I can remember the first time that she took me to Woodward (formerly State Hospital, now known as Woodward Resource Center).  I lived there a real long time.  I remember once when I lived there my mom picked me up and we went to California.  It took four days and four nights to get there.  It made me really tired and my baby niece cried all the time.

Anyway.  After Woodward I went to live at Country View for 18 years and I finally said, “Get me out of here!”  So first I got an apartment and now I live in a house in Waterloo.  I have had a lot of jobs.  Like the Brown Bottle washing dishes and at the EPI store.  I worked at North Star back in the warehouse when they used to have a car wash.  I loved to do that – washing cars and putting two wax on.

Now I retired and come to North Star’s day hab.  I know how to cook all kinds of food.  Like my favorite lasagna.  I am a good cook and people say, “Gary, you are a chef!”

I watch TV and play my CD’s and movies.  I go to church on Sunday’s and I talk to my girlfriend every day.  I am going spoil her on Valentine’s Day!!

You know what my favorite thing is?  I LOVE Elvis.  Everything:  the music, his actions and dances, his movies.  I have a real big pile of Elvis CD’s, two books about Elvis and a great big picture of “young Elvis” right in my living room.  It’s fun to dress up like Elvis and sing his songs and I think my favorites are “Love Me Tender” and “Blue Christmas.”

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