I want to come to North Star for 29 years!

LukeI am Luke G.   I am 36 and live in Waterloo.  I have one brother, Ben.  He used to live in Minnesota, but now he moved to Iowa.  He lives in Davenport.  A very long time ago, when I was three, I went to Castle Hill School and then I went to West Intermediate, but then I went to River Hills School and graduated from there.

Tomorrow we are having Christmas at my house.  My two-year old nephew is coming.  I can’t believe he is two already!  My mom used to have a big tree, but now we only have a little one.  I am hoping that I get Nintendo 3-DS and DS games for Christmas.

I used to work at Olive Garden, but then I got very sick and had to retire.  I worked there for 13 – years.  That is a long time.  I liked it there.  Did you know that you get free pop when you work there?

On weekends I mostly stay home.  I like to play video games.  I like Wheel of Fortune on T.V.  We don’t have cable anymore – it costs too much and goes up and up every year.  My favorite movies are Home Alone 1, 2 and 3.  They’re funny.

My favorite food is pepperoni pizza.  But, if we go out to eat, I like to go to Long John Silver’s.  I get two fish, hush puppies, French fries and diet Pepsi.  I don’t get to go there too much – Mom says it’s too greasy.

I have been coming to North Star for over a year now.  I like it.  I play cards, go on outings and get to do music.  I am going to come to North Star for 29 more years – then I will be old enough to retire.

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