What are you thankful for?

What are you grateful for?  As a sequel to last week’s post featuring participants in North Star’s Waterloo day programs, below are some of the things that people participating in Waverly programs are thankful for:

  • Lacie:  Ernie, mom and dad, rocking in the rocking chair
  • Alison:  my sister, pop, boyfriend, Troy, hats, cups, happy faces, shopping
  • Slim:  brother, sister, parents, sister-in-law, food, moonshine, country music, my bachelor pad
  • Brent:  parents, family dog, donuts, food, vacation, staff, living on my own
  • Jay:  maracas, music, SpongeBob, someone scratching my back
  • Shirley:  latch hook, crossword puzzles, pop, family
  • Jeremy:  parents, spending time with my brother, pop, going fishing
  • Heather:  family, food, drink, movies
  • Joel:  my bus driver, radios, being an usher at church, DVD’s, helping my friend at North Star
  • Russell:  chocolate, root beer, Elvis, new clothes

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