I like to bike ride.

I am Tina.  I am from Waterloo and I live with Mom and Dad.  There were four of us, but my sister Cindy is up in heaven now.  One of my brothers is married, so I have one sister-in-law.  I have a nephew and a great-nephew.  I went to East High School, we all did.  When I went there I had class in the regular classes and also a classroom with the other people.  I liked school but didn’t have a favorite class or anything.tina cropped

My birthday is in the spring.  I don’t really want to be 44.  Me and my friend James’ birthdays are both in the spring.  My friend James is in heaven now too.  James always tried to get me to get my own place like he did.  Well, I will never live alone and I will never stay alone overnight – I just won’t do it, I don’t think I will like it.  Sometimes I stay by myself if mom and dad have a meeting – the dogs helped.  I used to have “Springer’s.”  Someday when my mom and dad are gone I might live with my sister.  Jenny (North Star staff) took me to visit James a while back.  He is in the same cemetery as my sister Cindy, except James is over by the shed.

I like to do crafts – any kind that there is around.  Some days I like word books.  I do like to ride bikes.  I use a three-wheeler.  The two-wheeler just didn’t work out.  I took out three mailboxes.  Once when I was riding out at George Wyth I almost hit the big rock, but I missed it.  I fell and had to push the bike off of me.

I go to the hockey games with my family.  I don’t go to games with my staff because I don’t think Ann (North Star staff) is big enough to handle me on the stairs.  We also like to go camping at Elkader.  That’s where Ann’s sister lives.

I like to go out to eat.  I am not picky, I like to go everywhere.  But, I do like to go out to eat pizza with my friend, Sandra.  I can’t cook.  But I can cook stuff in the microwave, which is what they want me to do.  I just think my mom worries that I might get burned because I had a friend who got burned pretty bad.

When I go to the eye doctor’s I might have to get glasses again.  I have a weak eye and I used to wear glasses.  I don’t mind wearing them and it helps my other eye that is doing more of the work.

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