Pizza parties are the best!

I am John J.  I will be 45 on my birthday October 14th.  This year for my birthday I want a Waterloo East High coat.  I live in Waterloo, Iowa.  I live with my sister, Tracy.  I have one other sister and one other brother and some nieces and nephews.  We have one brown cat, one gray cat, and one dog named Mia – she is brown, with white on her chest and she is old.  I went to school at River Hills.  I would like a girlfriend.

I have been coming to North Star a long time (over 20 years).  I like it.  The pizza parties are the best and I like when we get to go to movies.  I have been in North Star’s plays and want to do it again.

I like Waterloo Buck’s baseball, Waterloo Black Hawk’s hockey and I like football.  Especially UNI football.  My dream would be to run a pass back for a touchdown someday.

John Johnson (2)I am a huge wrestling fan and like to watch WWE Raw on Monday nights.  I like Rocco and John Cena.  John Cena won the WWE champion title.

I like to go to Spicoli’s. I think Carolyn will go with me on Monday.  I like to sing at Karaoke.  I always sing “Dog Pound!” (“Who Let the Dogs Out?!”)

My sister gives me money and I buy my own groceries.  One of my goals is to cook and one is to exercise.  I don’t always like to do them, but I do.  I like hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, and hamburgers.  Pizza and cheeseburgers are my favorites!  I like Pepsi, too.  Sometimes Mt. Dew or 7-Up, but Pepsi is my favorite.

I like to watch “Full House” on TV. and I like D.J. (Tanner). I listen to my music CD of “Boston.”  I got to go to Haley & Jeff’s wedding reception and I got to dance with Haley.

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