I like the Special Olympics

IMG_1787I am Michael B. and I am not awake yet.  I didn’t go to bed until like midnight.  I was playing Madden13.  I have an Xbox 360.  My birthday is January 15th and this year I will be 32.  We will probably go to Pizza Ranch.  My girlfriend is Crissy.

I am adopted.  I had a good adopted mom and dad.  They adopted a lot of us (maybe 25?).  There are only three now.  Me, my brother Marty who goes to North Star too and my sister Joanna lives in Guttenberg – she is mostly blind and deaf.  My brother Ron died at Harmony House in 2008.  He got pneumonia.  My adopted mom died in 2001.

My disability is fetal alcohol syndrome.  My birth mom drank and smoked and did drugs.

Do you know what I found out yesterday?  My nephew is already in high school at the Falcon’s in Parkersburg – where they had the tornado.

I live on the east side of Waterloo since 2003.  It’s by Allen Hospital.  I live with David, Leroy and Larry.  We take turns doing chores.  This week I did garbage.  We have a chore list that changes on Monday.  I like to wash clothes and towels – sometimes I might wash clothes 4 times a week.  We also take turns making menus and choosing meals.  Then we take turns helping cook.  I made a biscuits and gravy casserole.  Today I ate last night’s supper for breakfast.

I like to be in the Special Olympics.  I do basketball, track & field, bowling and cross-country skiing.  When we go it takes three days and we stay in a hotel.  First there are time trials, the next day is the race, and then on the third day we stay to watch other people.  I like to ride my bike a lot.  This winter I will probably take my bike to Europa and get the kickstand and brake fixed.

On the weekends I like to sleep A LOT!!  Sometimes I sleep the whole day.  I like to watch the Dukes of Hazzard. The original one.

I have two favorite football teams.  The Cowboys and the Broncos, because I like Peyton Manning because he throws much better than his brother!  I hope Tony Romo doesn’t do anything stupid!  Did you know he is married to a model?

On September 27th I am going to Ames stadium to see the Iowa State Cyclones play.  They are playing Baylor.  Hope they do good.  I am glad that the Cyclones beat the Hawkeyes!

That is all I know….

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