I like to make people smile :-)

Tim GatesI am Tim and I am “all trouble!”  I went to East High and I live in a house in Waterloo with three other guys:  Lance, Jim, and I will be getting a new roommate on Saturday.  Maybe someday I will get to go live in Minnesota.  I am “older than dirt” – okay, I am really 46.  I have two brothers and I had a sister who died before I was born when she was a baby.  She would be like 49 now and we buried her by my grandparents.

I like to work in the garage on an antique bike.  It’s hard to get parts for it.  On television I mostly like to watch car races and drag races.  I have been to the Cedar Falls Raceway – you should go!  I like antique cars, too.

I like UNI football or the Chiefs.  My brother likes the Kansas City Chiefs, but that’s like $100, and that doesn’t even include the gas, hotel, and concessions.

I am hoping that I get to go to Cattle Congress.  It’s kind of the same stuff every year, but I like to go.  I like the antique cars they have there.  A long time ago Cattle Congress lasted longer, maybe two weeks.  But now there is all of the court stuff going on with it, so maybe some year it will be all over.

I was married once, too long ago.  But, she died.  Her heart just gave out.  I didn’t like to go through all that, but I had help with the paperwork and everything.

I like to make North Star staff people smile!  It’s what I do.  Pasta is my favorite.  That’s about it…

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