Taco pizza is my favorite!

wendyI am Wendy.  I was born in Waterloo and I went to River Hills School.  I live in Waterloo and my roommates are Tammy, Kim and Barb.  At home my job is to clean the bathroom.  I help the staff cook, my favorite food is pizza.  We don’t make homemade, we make frozen.  But taco pizza is my favorite!

I have three brothers and three step-brothers and eight nieces and nephews.  My brother Troy is very, very tall.  One of my brother’s lives here and one lives in Ohio and one lives in Rochester, Minnesota.

Sometimes I get emotional.  When my brother calls me, it makes me happy.  It also makes me happy when I get to do what I want!

I like to wear dresses and I like to go to Wal-Mart and stuff.  I like cats and dogs – especially cats.  I like pugs – my brother has three pugs.

I like to go on picnics.  I read magazines and I really like to watch Teen Mom 2.

Now that I have diabetes I can’t eat a lot of chocolate and now I have to drink diet Mt. Dew.  I have diet Mt. Dew in the morning – that’s my coffee!

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