My name is Bill.

Bill KurtnebachMy name is Bill K.  I am 58.  I have been coming to North Star a long time – I like North Star and I like Kayla (staff member).  I am from Waterloo and I went to East High School.  I live with my roommates, Gary and Bernie.  I like them.

I have six brothers and three sisters.  My sisters are Mary, Marti, and Kay.  I see my brother, Jim, on weekends sometimes and we go out and eat.  Maybe about every three months I go to church with my brother and sister.  I think that it is in Reinbeck.

I go with my brother Mike to Kansas City and my brother Steve meets us there.  Steve works for the Kansas City Royals baseball team and we go to the game – my brother pays!

I like to read my papers and listen to the radio.  I like all music, like rock-and-roll.  I usually listen to 1250 radio.  On Friday I watch Wizard of Oz on DVD.  I like to watch Walker Texas Ranger, Andy Griffith, and Gilligan’s Island on T.V.  The other day the Twins and Royals were on, and I watched that.

Lately it has been noisy in the multi-purpose room, so I have been going outside to eat my lunch. I like that, it’s quieter.

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