I like to be in plays.

My name is Charlie.  I am 45 and I started coming to North Star in August (1990).  I went to River Hills School.  I really like to work on latch hook.  Today I almost missed the bus.  But I didn’t…

I live in Waterloo with my sister’s family.  My niece just graduated.  Maybe everyone here in Day Hab could graduate and then we could all go to Hawkeye Community College.

I like to be in the plays at North Star.  I was a White Rabbit in “Alice” and sang, “I am always late.”  I did the Variety Show and I was Gilligan and in the “Wizard of Oz”, I was a Munchkin.  I got to be Charlie in “Willy Wonka.” In “Peter Pan” I was Michael – then they closed the curtain and we were flying to Neverland in front of it and the song, “Come, come away to the Neverland.”

I want to be in the next play, “The Jungle Book.”  I miss my friends who helped with the plays before, Chase Miller, Amber Weston, Matt Menke, Sam Card, Greg Holt.  They are my friends.  I really like the pizza party and cake at the end of the play.  I like Little Caesar’s.  Oh yeah, and Kristen Drake came back for the play.

I like movies.  My movies are gone and in the trash.  Now I have DVD movies.  I like the Muppet Movie.  I like Beaker and we saw it in Day Hab.

Last Friday we had chicken strips for lunch and I had to push them away, “Bleh…”  They bother my tummy.

Charlie (middle) with fellow cast members from Peter Pan.  (Mike, Charlie, Chase, Cheryl)

Charlie (middle) with fellow cast members from Peter Pan. (Mike, Charlie, Chase, Cheryl)

But, we had a good picnic and played Beach Boy’s music and got to play games.  There is a ‘60’s party coming up.  Day Hab is going to Cattle Congress.

I like it here.

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