My name is Doug and “Go Wahawks!”

dougMy name is Doug, I am 51 years old.  I live in Waterloo with my roommates, Tony and David.  One of the things I like to do is make pictures with yarn and plastic canvas – Kate helps me.  I am working on a surprise for my parent’s anniversary. (In the picture I am holding a plastic canvas heart I made for North Star’s art show.)  

I like to hang out with mom and dad.  We watch t.v. and I get my mom flowers for Christmas.  I like it when I get to go fishing – I try to catch Northern Pike!

I really like sports.  I like the Waterloo Wahawks and I like UNI, the Cyclones, and Hawkeye football.  I also like the Waterloo Bucks – they lost 8-13 on Sunday (July 20).  I like the Minnesota Vikings and the Cowboys and the Bears.  I watch Chicago Cubs on t.v. and they lost the other day, 3-8.  “Hey, hey what do ‘ya say?  Go, Cubs, Go!”

I like wrestling – like Wrestlemania 30!  And Friday Night Smack Down on t.v., Friday’s at 7:00 and WWE Raw is on Monday.  Some movies I like to watch are Jaws 1 & 2.  Sharks eat bad people and they bite people’s arms, like “chomp, chomp!”  I like dolphins and whales better.  I also watched Godzilla and King Kong on DVD – they aren’t real, they’re robots. And King Kong blew on that girl in the movie.

At Universal they have the King Kong roller coaster and I rode it 18 times, it went up and down and up and down and up and down…  There is a Batman roller coaster and when you ride it you get sick and then almost, “blaaahhhh!”

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