I really like to text!

My name is Tabitha and I like hanging out at church a lot.  There is a youth group and a big screen that they play Christian songs from YouTube on, and there a snacks.  It is the Faith Wesleyan Church and my friend James goes too.  James is my boyfriend for a couple years now.

I like to talk on the phone a lot and I really like to text all of my friends like Jessica a lot.  Since James doesn’t have a cell phone I have to talk to him on the house phone.  I go to community meals and I like to go to Spicoli’s for dancing and I go to karaoke on Wednesday.  I sing with James and one time he memorized all of the words to a whole song to sing – the staff couldn’t believe he did that!

I live in Waterloo with my grandparents and I graduated in 2007 from East High School.  I have an older sister that lives in Indiana and two step-sisters that are younger – one lives in Cedar Falls and one lives in Waterloo.

Wednesday, July 9th was my birthday.  I got two cakes and ice cream.  I got lots of money and new sandals.  My favorite food is pepperoni pizza and my favorite color is pink.

The other day I got to go to the water park and I went on a big blue and purple water slide that went way up and down!  On Friday I get to go to the Waterloo Buck’s ball game!  That’s all.

Friends Tabitha (left) and Jessica (right) have fun in the art room!

Friends Tabitha (left) and Jessica (right) have fun in the art room!

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