AC/DC is my favorite!

Jim RogersI am Jim R. and my birthday is January 22nd.  I am 59 years old.  I have two sisters and five brothers and a lot of nieces and nephews – too many to remember!  I live in a group home and my favorite staff person there is Jason – he has been there a long time.  One of my roommates talks too much and I had another roommate I didn’t get along with, but he moved.  My girlfriend is Pam.

I really like to mow the grass and sometimes I wash the dishes.  Pizza is my favorite food.  I like to watch t.v. and I like to watch movies on the weekend.

I really love rock and roll music.  AC/DC is my favorite – I even have an AC/DC tattoo!  I also like Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and KISS – I think it would be hard to put on all that makeup.

I am going to download some rock music ringtones for my phone and I am going to go to a concert in Des Moines. A couple weeks ago we had an art show at North Star and I had some art in it.  One was a sculpture that I named, “George.”

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