I just moved to a new home!

I am Don G. and I am 48.  My birthday is December 26th.  I go to the Day Hab program at North Star.  I used to have a job washing dishes and I used to work on muffler clamps and CD’s.

My favorite colors are green and red.  I like Godfather’s Pizza.  I like mushroom pizza and breadsticks.  I also like pizza rolls.  I make lists for when we go shopping at Dollar Tree.  We buy groceries at Fareway.

I used to live with my mom, but I just moved to a new group home in Cedar Falls.  I have my own key.  One of the people there is named Kevin.  I have staff at my house that helps with cooking and laundry.  They help me with my meds and shaving.  I made my bed and we made fudge.  My bedtime is 10:00 and I have a c-pap machine – it has tubes and water in it.

On Friday we are going to make Mother’s Day cards at North Star.  I am going to get my mom flowers and some candy (I hope she shares).  My dad passed away and he went to Heaven to be with Jesus.

This weekend I am going to a birthday party for my Aunt Eva in Ames and I am going to go to church.  On May 20th I am going to go bowling at Cadillac Lanes.  In June I am going on an airplane to Las Vegas and am going to the casinos.

North Star is having an art show on June 4th.  I made some art for it.

Don dressed as an elf at Christmas

In this picture I am dressed as an elf and helping out at the Cookie Walk.

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