I like it here at North Star!

IMG_8450My name is Eric B. and I am 50 years old.  I was born at the old St. Francis hospital in Waterloo and I went to River Hills School until I graduated.  I used to live in a group home in Waterloo, but now I live in Cedar Falls and I have one roommate named Michael; we might be getting some more roommates.  At home I like to cook casseroles and things like that.  I come to work at North Star.  I used to ride the city bus, but now I have to take the EPI bus because it is easier and they take me right to my house.

I walk for exercise and I like to go out for a walk when the weather is good, but I don’t walk outside in the winter.  I love to walk in downtown Cedar Falls.  On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I get to play the Wii in the Art Room – that’s fun!  Every single Monday I go to Spicoli’s and sometimes on Wednesday I go to Lofty’s for karaoke, but I don’t sing – I just watch!

I used to work at United Beverage sorting bottles.  Then I worked at Pepper’s for four years until I started working for the Western Home.  When I was a kid I had asthma, but I outgrew that.  I spent time at Covenant so they could help me walk better, but I use a cane to help me balance.  I spent four months in Iowa City so they could see if I have lupus.

I have been in plays at North Star.  I was the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka and I got to be a squirrel in Peter Pan.

I like it here at North Star and I started coming on September 2, 2008.  I like the people in Day Hab, but I miss going to OES – I wish I still could.  But I got used to Day Hab.  I have a staffing every single August.  My best friends at North Star are Russell, David S., and Michael B. and we hang out. I get to go on special outings sometimes.  Sometimes I do latch hook.  I wear my earphones a lot and I like to listen to the radio and like KNWS and KUNI.

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