You just have to deal with it!

cherylMy name is Cheryl.  I am 52 and I was born at St. Francis (now Covenant Hospital).  I’m a good person and I come to North Star every day.  I dress nice and I make sure I comb my hair every day.  I live in a duplex in Waterloo and I have a new roommate.  I am dealing with it and it’s going pretty well.  I clean my place when it needs it, make my bed every day, and do laundry on Saturday and Wednesday.  I just got a new mattress that took a lot of my money.  I just got a new sweatshirt that cost $35.

I have good days and some days are bad.  You just have to deal with it and not worry about it!

I like to go places and am planning a trip to see my niece in South Carolina.  She is my nephew’s girl and she’s five years old.  I would also like to visit my sister someday.  Sometime I would like to go to Disney World.  I like log rides and probably would see Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck there.

I like to do my hobbies – I like latch hook and crochet.  On Mondays I get to go out to eat with my dad and Carla – I like to go to Pizza Hut.  I also like to visit my mom at Ravenwood, and once a week I bring her supper, last week it was Taco John’s.  I plan to spend part of Easter with my mom and the other part with my dad and Carla. 

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