Be careful who you allow to lead you…

My name is Janet W. and I just turned 60!  I just started coming to North Star (Day Habilitation program), but I went to Newel Post (senior adult day and respite care) for about a year.  Newel Post is good, but it’s all older folks, you know?  I wanted to be able to get out and go on outings and get to know the city better.  My disabilities are mental illness and I have a few physical problems; I had a slight stroke and I have arthritis.  I do go to physical therapy three times a week and I use the pool, which is good.

I came from Omaha, but I think it is much colder here!  It was a rough winter.  I really like Waterloo.  I like the downtown area in the summer because there are beautiful flowers and benches you can sit on.  My apartment has four windows and I really like that I can see the river from my window.  I just got a one bedroom apartment, and am working on decorating it.  I bought a pot rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond where I am going to hang the new pots/pans my sister gave me.  When it’s nice out I like to go sit in the park and read my Bible.

Like I said, I really like it here. I really do think that the people are much friendlier here in Waterloo than they are in Omaha.  They smile and say hello.  There is just so much crime and gangs and violence in Omaha.  I had two cousins that died from gun violence.  It’s hard to get jobs, but I can’t figure out why these young people are so angry!

I have two boys and I am just so proud of both of them!!  They turned out fine.  I stayed with my son and daughter-in-law in Waterloo when I first came here.  They are both going to school at the same time!  I think they both want to go into social work.  My oldest boy was in the Navy, but retired after 21 – years.  I prayed to God to keep him safe, and I am just so thankful to God that he didn’t have to go to Iraq or anywhere like that.  They have four children, ages 11, 9, 4, 3 – I think that it is his wife who has her hands full!

I am looking forward to June because I am going to meet up with my sister in Omaha.  We are going to have spa day; nails, hair, and a massage – I never had all of that before.  Then we will take each other’s pictures like we did in our 20’s to see how we’ve changed.  But I got to be sure that I save enough money to do all that!

My best advice is that you have to be careful who you allow to lead you!

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