I got to be in four plays!

My name is Kay A.  On my birthday, on May 16, I will be 65.  I grew up in Waterloo.  I went to school at Black Hawk Elementary and to River Hills School and a lot of places.  Right now I live in a group home and some of my roommates are Chris, Tammy, Tempest, and Tina.  We do vacuuming, cleaning, cooking, sometimes I wash towels and sometimes staff washes towels and I fold them.  I like it there.

I have one sister named Muriel and one brother-in-law and three brothers and sister-in-laws.  My brothers are Gary, Dale, and Craig.  I have a great-niece in Texas and one in Kansas and one in Illinois.  I have so many nieces and nephews that I can’t keep them straight.  But they don’t forget me.  You won’t believe how many presents I get.  There is a great big pile – more than anybody!  My sister went to school with North Star staff person, Sandy.

I used to help teach Sunday School and I helped with the little ones.  I don’t do it anymore, but I could.  I go to the church down from Castle Hill.  My staff takes me.  I like my church friends.

I like to do art and I like to paint fish, flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and bees.  I like crafts and latch rugs and knitting and crocheting.  I am probably going to make a blanket.  I am a good worker and like to help people out.  North Star does plays and I was in all four plays. (note:  Kay was the Dormouse in Alice*, Auntie Em in Wizard of Oz, Grandma Josephina in Willy Wonka, and Polly Parrot in Peter Pan).

Kay in her Parrot costume

Kay in her Parrot costume

Sometimes people get loud and out of place!  I do not like it.  It hurts my ears and is bad to do in public.

We need some pictures on the blank walls by the art room where the fish pictures were.

by:  Kay A.

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