I am a nice person…

My name is Sandra M.  Today at North Star is “Paper Bag Day” and I really want to know what that is (note: it turns out there are paper bag games and paper bag puppets being made today).  I grew up in Waterloo and I used to live with my brother.  I lost my mom and that was a really bad year because everything happened at once – I still miss her and I talk about her some, but not too much.

I live in a group home in Waterloo for a couple years now.  It’s okay.  Some of my roommates are Crissy, Juli, and Jackie.  Crissy didn’t want to come today (to North Star) because she was all worried about the weather.  And she was all like, it’s going to snow and I don’t want to go…  But we came because North Star is open.  People obsess over the weather and talk about it too much!  I am tired of it.  I don’t worry about the weather.  I let staff do that.

I am nice.  I like working on puzzles.  On Friday I go grocery shopping and out to lunch.  I do “Friday Shopping” because I have to eat like everyone.  I like to buy sweatshirts, t-shirts, and pickles!!  We eat at McDonald’s and other places.  My favorite used to be KFC but I don’t go there anymore because they keep messin’ up!!  I ordered potato wedges and coleslaw, but they got it all wrong and gave me mashed potatoes and my staff had to go back there and fix it.  So I quit goin’ there.

I like to go on outings but we can’t go when the weather is bad so we can’t see Maxine and Doris today.  (Note:  Maxine and Doris are two ladies from Friendship Village where North Star goes to volunteer each week).  I wish the weather was nice.  One time I didn’t have fun on an outing since I drank too much hot chocolate and bleh –  got sick all over the van.  Not good.

Meet Sandra

Meet Sandra

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