“Moving Up in the Future!”

Jim (in red) clowning with friend Richie

Jim (in red) clowning with friend Richie

My name is Jim N.  I live in Waterloo but I want a new home because I have been good.  I need new roommates because my roommate bugs me because he is crabby.  I like Craig and I would take him with me to my new home.  A new “kid” can take my place.  My friend Norman moved to Cedar Rapids, so maybe it would be good to go there.

I want to work and I like to fold papers.  I want to save money for a new bed and dresser, some new clothes, and some new jeans.  I want Lisa to take me shopping to check out new beds.  I would also like to get a new bulletin board.

If I ever move, I want to have a going-away party and I want to get going-away presents.  I like potlucks and my favorite is Spaghetti!!  I also like goulash and hot dogs with ketchup and mustard.

I like the radio and the song, “The Tootsie Roll.” (note:  “Tootsee Roll” by 69 boyz)  I also like to watch track in the Dome.  I am moving up in the future!

By: Jim N.

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