If I could go anywhere in the world:

If I were to go anywhere in the world, I would go visit all my friends that I’ve met in the past years from Camp Barnabas. All of my friends from Camp Barnabas live in different states, so I would take an airplane to go visit each and every one of them. I would spend a whole week with each of them. Each week that I would spend with them, I would have so much fun with them by doing things like going shopping, swimming, getting nails done, and so much more. I would have such a blast with each one of them that I would be sad to, but happy to go on another adventure with one of my other friends the next week. It would be amazing to see all my friends, and all the beautiful states that they live in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       * * * Written by Jordan N.* * *                                                                               


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