Hi! My name is Kellie.

I was diagnosed with schizo/effective disorder w/ borderline personality. I got it when I was 15. I was in and out of hospitals for along time. This was hard on me. Finally I got stable enough to get a dog. I named him Snickers. Snickers was with me for 14 years and stayed with my mom for 1 year. I did some volunteer work with different agencies. That’s how I got in touch with Adults Inc, now it’s North Star. My boss Colette, called me into the office and offered me a job. Of course I said yes. I stayed in that job for a couple of years, before I had another breakdown. I was in the hospital again and I had to resign my position at work because it was too stressful. I became a consumer, and my dog went to my mom.  (Kellie attends programming at North Star).

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