Happy New Year!

A group of participants in North Star’s Day Habilitation program were willing to share their New Year’s Resolutions with us.  Happy and Healthy New Year everyone!

Jerry C. – Be more patient.
Jessica C. – Communicate better.
Crissy G. – Cut down on my cell phone bill.
Don G. – To go to Pizza Ranch with Chad and not bug Haley about the newsletter.
Cheryl H. – Keep up on my own meds with zero prompts and eat more fruit and vegetables.
Jeff H. – Eating better.
John H. – More control of my diabetes and not have low blood sugar when I get home in the afternoon.
Blaine J. – Drink less pop and control my anger better.
Bill K. – Help each other.
Tabitha L. – Losing weight, exercise and drink water.
Diane M. – Do better shopping at Hy-Vee.
Sandra M. – Go shopping and pick better stuff.
Zach M. – I don’t know. Participate more.
Kylie P. – Helping out the staff. Being able to turn people with disabilities into “cyborgs” – or bionic implants so they could walk again. (Interesting thought!)
Jim R. – Get along with my peers – especially one!
Lee R. – Exercise and walk more.
Mike R. – Watch football better.
Tammy R. – Eat healthy and be nice to staff.
LaShunda W. – Lose weight.
Gary We. – Sleep less in day hab.
Gary Wi. – Go on a diet, cut down on portions, and not make the noises I make because I am tired of people getting on me.
Porcha Y. – Work hard and make more money.

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