Hi, I’m Jordan and I am glad to meet you.

This entry was written on Wednesday November 13th, 2013 by Jordan Newman.

jordanMy name is Jordan Newman and I’m in a wheelchair. I was born on July 26th. I was born with Cerebral Palsy as my main diagnosis. I grew up in Washburn, IA and I am currently still living there, with my grandparents John and Diana and my two cousin’s Caydin and BJ.
I went to Black Hawk Elementary, Hoover Middle School, and Waterloo West High School (GO WAHAWKS!) I graduated in the class of 2010. Not long after I graduated from West High, I took a tour of North Star Community Services in Waterloo, and I liked it! So, I’ve been going to North Star since. I have a Service Dog named Buddy, who picks up objects for me, opens handicapped doors for me, and much more. I have had some really fun opportunities because of North Star, I even went to a concerts with staff Kathy Taylor. Besides staying busy in the Advantage area during the day, I have SCL staff from North Star once a week and we go to different places like mall or meeting with some of my friends. So there’s just a little background of me! Thanks for reading!

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