I was on the radio! Thank you Teri Lynn!

This entry is written by Russell Hamilton.  One of his dreams is to be able to become a voice actor someday.  With a little help from Kelly Turner from VGM, and Teri Lynn, radio D.J. at The Mix (93.5 KCVM), Russ, along with two friends (Mike & Brittany), got to be on the radio on November 5, 2013!  This is what he had to say:

Russell“It was really fun to actually be on the radio for the first time.  When she (Teri Lynn) asked us if we all wanted to be talking on air, I was the first one to say, YEAH.  Brittany was at first the only other one of us who wanted to talk.  Mike was a bit…shy.  But he did get over it.  We all talked about our dreams.  What it is we do at North Star and the fact that we have many programs.  We also have a birthday lunch every two months which is a good party…unless someone is gone that day, then they get no pizza at all.” – – by Russ

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