What are we thankful for at the Waverly Center?

We posed the same question  “What are you thankful for?” – to some of the men and women who receive services at North Star’s Waverly Center, located in Waverly, Iowa.  I bet that you are probably thankful for many of the same things that they are thankful for!   Read on to see their answers.


  • my staff, family, and food! – – Cody A.
  • Dean Shonka – – Jean B.
  • friends, my bus driver, and Ray Dixon (staff) – – Joel B.
  • my good friends, coming to North Star, and my vacation – – Maria B.
  • for Thanksgiving food and my brother coming – – Lucas D.
  • Mom & Dad, and for you (the staff asking the question) – – Travis F.
  • going to Misty & Patrick’s house for Thanksgiving – – Heather H.
  • my mom, dad, sister, and brother – – Jeremy K.
  • for staff, hard work, and the Hawkeyes – – Russell L.
  • my sweater! – – Shirley L.
  • being alive and for my friends, family, and staff – – Alice M.
  • for my family, Corissa (staff), and for wresting – “I like that!” – – Chad O.
  • my brothers – – Dawn S.
  • for food, stuffing, sweet potato, meat and for family & friends – – Dean S.
  • Halloween and Judy – – Janet S.
  • for my sister’s new baby – – Grant T.
  • my mom & dad and the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV – – Lynn T.
  • staff at North Star, for my family, friends, and trips – – Brent W.

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